Rainham Tuition Centre        

 11+ tuition for Medway and Kent 11+ tests                        

Latest News: Easter Assessment tests open to all Year 5 students - please call to join

Limited places available in Year 4 and 5 classes - call for availability   


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How We Can Help Your Child


By reinforcing their current subject knowledge in Maths and Literacy.

By extending their knowledge in Maths and Literacy to exam level.

By introducing Reasoning; a subject not taught in school.

We work with your child to establish strategies that help with speedy problem solving.

By providing lots of feedback and explanation when they go wrong.

Regular ‘mock’ tests are held to introduce and practice good exam technique and to build confidence in their knowledge level.

We explain the purpose and format of the tests to reduce their anxiety as well as answering any questions they may have regarding the test day.



How We Can Help You


We provide proven, effective tuition for years 4, 5 and 6 children working towards the 11+ tests.


We teach Maths, Literacy and Reasoning in a small class setting.


Our approach is based on developing your child’s potential and building confidence in their ability.

Classes are held during term time and holiday time.


Homework is provided each week and is marked and returned at the next lesson.


We give an honest opinion regarding your child and provide feedback and support regarding your child’s progress.


Located in Rainham, we are within 5 minutes of the Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre and the M2 motorway link.



Our Approach

Our approach is to support your child by preparing them for the tests and to help you understand the exam process; enabling you to make informed decisions regarding the tests.